Ghosts Turning Me Into A Zombie/ Reversed Roles

Reversed Roles

I went to my mother’s house, she was alive. The house was not the little yellow farm house that I usually dream about, but something smaller with a very confusing dining table. The table was long, the seats were benches that were picked up from antique and second hand stores over time. One bench went the length of the table, one went half the length but was slightly taller, one that was meant for Liliana was small for her three year old little body to sit on but it wasn’t meant to bring her up to the table, so she would be sitting low, one was a one person stool that sat at the same height of the table. My mother had a very serious look on her face while she was trying to figure out how to position them all. I asked her when her husband was getting home and she said that he had died the week before. I immediately went into “save my mom” mode and started overwhelming her with options.

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“Liliana and I will move in, I will help pay for the debts accrued and you haven’t been alone before, we will help keep the property up. It’s ok, we got this.” I felt that I was being proactive and problem solving, but instead of looking relieved, she gave me that look moms give when they have to say what they don’t want to say.

“There is no debt, I will be fine. I will enjoy being alone for once. And living with you is hard, you put your keys in the wrong spot (she gestures to the antique desk) and you are really loud”

I woke up. That sucked.

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Ghosts Turning Me Into A Zombie

The public train was shut down, nobody could get to work. Trains were blocking roads, people couldn’t get to work so they just wandered around where ever the train left them. My husband, his friend Doug and I go into a building that looked taken care of on the outside, but inside it was torn apart, abandoned and empty. Desks, chairs, lounges were all over the place. Broken glass, couch fluff, broken 2×4 boards strewn about. ((Bare with me here, this dream is fading fast.))  I am thoroughly intrigued by this place, I want to explore and create a story as to what happened here. My inner ghost hunter was ready to go.

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Bryan and Doug stay in the broken down lobby and I move forward into dark hallways to investigate.  I can hear my feet slapping on the floor and echoing my solitude. At the end of the hallway in the time it takes to blink, I see a glimpse of someone turning the corner so I hurry down to see if I can catch them and talk. In the corner is a blonde woman, wearing a denim vest with a red shirt. Her hair is short, dry and everywhere, like she had been there for a while. Next to her was a young man who was not as obvious to me, I couldn’t see a face or any description, I just knew by his positioning and posture that he was a young man. They vanish.

Scene cuts in another blink, I am backed into a closet screaming as teeth are desperately trying to closing down on me. I hear Doug come to help me and the teeth vanish. He hands me a vape pen and I suck in the THC as if it was going to hydrate me. He calls me crazy and continues back down the hall way. I see the two people standing 30 yards ahead of him but he doesn’t, they stare at me with hungry eyes waiting for him to go away. They want me because I can see them. I take a deep drag and gather my thoughts. They want me… because I can see them…..


I wake up.

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