Spirit Walking

I was at martial arts and Akira said I needed to do 4 combination kicks to make up for lost time in class. Like 4 kicks makes up for an hour class…. Ok Dana. We got distracted and started painting the walls and floor of the martial arts school with coffee. When everything was covered, we hopped on his bicycle and started riding through a neighborhood so that we could get home. He stops in front of a house, it looks normal like people actively live in it. It is supposedly haunted and he wanted me to go in to experience it.  I walk in, from the entry way it looks old, dusty and in shambles. I go further in and it starts to brighten and clean up like when Harry meets Professor Slughorn in The Half Blood Prince.


The couch becomes white, there is food in the fridge. I heard children running upstairs and I decide to go up. When I get to the foot of the stairs, I hear something and turn around, the refrigerator is dragging across the floor towards me at such a speed that I almost couldn’t get out of the way.


I take a deep breath, look around and see nobody. I go upstairs to see the children I hear giggling. There are three, two boys and a girl. They are all of similar age, 6 to 8 years old. I crouch down to the little girl and ask if she is hungry and she nods. We go down stairs, the refrigerator is back where it belongs. I sit the little girl on the counter and start to make her a sandwich. The boys start appearing and I prepare food for them. I pull out my phone and ask if I could take silly pictures with them and found that they couldn’t be seen on my camera. Where the child’s face would be was a void cut out of my body. The boys face was in front of mine but in the camera, it just shows my face with a crescent carved out where his face was supposed to be and you see the living room behind us. He removes part of me in the photo… If he was in front of me, I wouldn’t be in the picture.

Angry mother comes out, flinging things at me. I am dodging appliances and kitchen utensils. Sandwiches explode at they are thrown into the air. Akira yells for me to come outside to be safe and the children follow us. They don’t want me to leave, but I need to go, I have my own children to take care of. I want to tell them I will be back, but the mother terrifies me too much to commit to that.  I frame each of their faces with my hands and kiss their cheeks. I hop into an SUV and find sandwiches waiting for me in my seat. It turns out, that the mother had killed her children in the house and they are all trapped.


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