Crawling In My Skin

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I was doing something outside ((this memory is fading fast)) and I feel something tickle in my hand, then it stings, then it tickles. I look down and rice sized bugs are crawling under my skin, I see a slugs and a small beetle, then appears a large lady bug. I trap the lady bug at the base of my index finger and force it to my fingertip. I squeeze hard and it pops out of my skin like a zit. I take the opened skin and peel it off  in one sheet down to my elbow, freeing the insects. I notice that instead of being freed, a large lady bug dives down into my flesh.  More bugs appearing below the next layer of skin and I start to peel back another layer to release the invaders…. the lady bug hasn’t shown up.

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I take a knife, cut my skin around my forearm and look underneath as if it were a glove to open up and I find no muscle, just bones and fat. I can’t find the bug so I loosen the arm flesh and look deeper into my hand.  A bone snaps and I watch it dangle. Crap, now I need surgery. How am I going to do martial arts in a cast????

I go to the hospital and find Oprah,  she examines my arm and takes me to my friend’s mother Jan, who is the surgeon ((she’s really a paramedic whom I’ve known for 15+ years)). I’m told it’s fixable and I need to wait. I sit. As I wait I notice that my skin is stretched out and is now too loose to stay on my arm. It’s getting heavier and looser, like pizza dough laying limp on a fist. I decide to just take it off, it’s a lot of work holding so much skin in my arms. I place the skin in a shopping basket and sit out of the way of people in the hospital.  I recognize how fragile my bones are and start to worry about careless pedestrians breaking me more. I’d rather have no flesh than bug infested flesh. Some kid comes and sees my giant ball of arm skin which is being held in a grocery basket, he thinks it’s food. I tell them we could make pork rinds out of it, But it would be human rinds. Image result for chicharrones memeI need to call Bryan and let him know where I am!  I forgot his number….. I can’t find him in my phone…… crap……. panic…… breathe……. dial…… he answers ,  I hear sirens in the background, he’s going code 3 to an emergency. I tell him what’s going on and he tells me nonchalantly that I’ll be fine and continues on his call. I am bummed that he is so jaded by EMS, I need him to worry like I do.

I wake up.

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Medication: Amoxicillin – I am coming down off a nasty bout of tonsillitis

CBD: Taken at 5 pm, bed time was 1030, I usually don’t dream when CBD is in my system, so it had worn off

Food Prior to sleep: A taste of Hard Cider, 2 turkey dogs and salad. Maybe the turkey dogs did this to me….. Ground up body parts and stuff…. Man I love hot dogs!

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