Raul’s Dream: “I look down and I’m a pregnant Lady!”

Raul’s Dream    


Medication taken prior to sleep: Benadryl

Read this with a sexy faint Hispanic accent in your mind.


Do you remember the show Quantum Leap?


I was sitting on a pier and I all of a sudden realize that I am in the body of a pregnant woman, and the first thing that came to my mind was “OH! It’s like that show! This is happening to me!” So I walk around the pier enjoying the area, it was peaceful and nice. All of a sudden I find myself on a balcony and some woman looks at me and asks to touch my lady area, I was politely telling her no but she was very persistant.


I look over at the plaza and find a chaotic mess, pigs were being lowered down on ropes by men who were hanging from the windows of the plaza. Cows starting surrounding the pigs and everything was going crazy! At this point, I felt like it was a good idea to pee off the balcony; I look down and people hanging out of the windows were looking up at me, and were rather pissed off. I smile and just continue peeing with a smile on my face.

And then I woke up!


Image result for pigs and cows funny


It was asked “What the hell kind of drugs were you on last night!?!?!” and the answer was…. BENADRYL!  So glad I have a weird dream buddy to bond with! Do you Have crazy dreams? Email it to me! I would LOVE to put it up here, the world wants to read about it! If you prefer anonymity, give me a code name you wanna use…. like Captain Insano or something.

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