Marijuana & A Family compound



First off, I want to apologize for taking such a long break between posts. I started using CBD more often (I started martial arts and it is insanely full of triggers) to battle my anxiety disorder and it makes my dreams go away. I definitely sleep better with cannabis oil and I can handle sensory overloaded situations like a champ, but my dreams are fading.  If you are in a cannabis friendly state and have similar issues, try Wana Brand 1:1 cbd/thc gummies, it is a magical thing, no side effects, happiness and relaxation of the mind. If your state isn’t quite there yet, cbd oil is available online or at a dispensary, I use this primarily. Because it has no thc,  it is available country wide and can be shipped through mail. This I tell you is THE BEST medicine I could ask for. XANAX kills me, it puts me down and out, makes my anxiety go away but I feel horrible and it’s addictive! Cbd literally finds the anxiety button in your brain and flips it off and you are 100% back to normal. I can be in extremely loud and crowded surroundings with people touching me (Costco and sports, not sex clubs,  but that’s a thing, so it would work) and not freak out . Research it, it’s worth the time and thought. CBD


Anyways, last night I dreamed that my family and my in-laws decided to buy a large house to live in together.  We all claimed our rooms, Bryan and my bedroom was across from my father in law’s office, kids rooms were next to in-law’s bedroom. Train tracks were in our back yard. Carpet was thick and brown, counters were mustard yellow,  door trimming was wood colored. It was an old, run down house with thin walls.

Bryan and I go into the bedroom to unpack, instead he turns me around and ties my hands tightly behind my back,  my shoulder muscles stretch (I wake up with shoulder pain a lot,  I sleep funny on them). Simultaneously I hear Bryan’s pants drop and the bedroom door open, his dad’s eyes got wide and he shut the door. Immediately we start moving our furniture and boxes to switch bedrooms with his parents.


As I walk a box down the hallway, I see people on our back porch. I put down the box and go check out what is going on, I open the sliding glass door and a train comes to a stop right there, opens it’s doors and let’s off a crowd of people. Our back patio is a train stop. Great. I am staring forward dumbfounded and thinking “how did we buy this house and not know it was a train stop? This is so dangerous!” The crowd clears, all but one man was gone, he stood there with his Charles Manson eyes, one hand holding a stump for an arm, his mouth opens “I said, if I see you again, I will kill you.”

I wake up.


^^ He looked at me like this dude. Super creepy.^^


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