Mini Dreams and GAD

Lately my Generalized Anxiety Disorder has been really taking over, I am medicated for it and that helps, but I feel like the medication is more like a wall that holds my crazy back. Some situations make my GAD plow through the wall and spill out like starving zombies, which is what has been happening lately. This affects my sleep IMMENSELY. My dreams are so crazy and vivid that I am down right exhausted when I wake up… I work really hard at dreaming and I swear, the lack of rest is going to kill me! Recently I have purchased CBD oil in hopes to build up my wall of tolerance, it does really help put me back to normal status, but my dreaming hasn’t regulated. Maybe I need to take the CBD before bed tonight and see what happens. I will let you know how it turns out.


Last night’s dream was that a squirrel was trying to eat our cat food and ended up eating out of my hand. It was so sweet but I was afraid that it would bite me and I would have to get a tetanus shot (shouldn’t that be rabies?). What was my priority there, the shot or the bite? Also, I would LOVE to have a squirrel as a pet.


Last weekend I dreamed that I was riding a whale through cold lake water. It felt so serene, like I was flying through the water. The whale brought me back to the dock, I placed my hands on what would be cheeks and bring his face in closer to kiss his nose and thank him and as I got closer, his face slowly transformed into the tin man’s face.


Two nights ago I dreamed that I had started my period and didn’t have access to proper lady gear so I stuffed a towel in my underwear. I was so worried that it would fall out since I was wearing a dress but instead, a dog chased me down and stole the towel out from under my ass I snatched it back ninja style and a disgusting game of  tug of war ensued. The towel tore in half, I quickly stuffed it back into my britches, turned around and ran for my life (for my towel really).3

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