Home Goods Was Selling My Stuff!


I was starting a new job as a traveling nurse with my friend LaDonna and came into the airport/resort/hotel desperate for a meal. You know those line situations where if you stand between the two checkout stands and the next one that opens up you walk to? Well, I was standing between the two stands and then all of these people started their own lines at each individual checkout stand, so I was the dumb ass in the middle with a bewildered and overwhelmed look on my face. I wait a while and finally get to the checkout stand and pay for street tacos (which weren’t actually from the street). My hands are full of food, my jacket, a rolling suit case and my backpack was strapped to me. I get around the giant group of people wanting food and make my way to the hall way. I looked at my friend and her sister who were about 30 yards away from me; we were supposed to be checking into the room and heading straight to work.


I get side tracked. On the left hand side of the hallway was a Home Goods pop up store selling all sorts of fabulous stuff. I look ahead and they were 60 yards away, my heart sinks. I need to go with them. I walk 5 feet down the ensemble with the intention to leave but not quite committed and find an elephant talisman that looks just like the one on my dresser, I admire it and keep looking. There is an elephant necklace just like mine hanging off of a picture frame… which held a picture of my mother. Next to that was pictures of me as a child and my grandparents throughout their marriage, some black and white, some old and discolored, some digital print offs. I completely disregard catching up and checking in and dive into this table full of sale items, my family is for sale. There are boxes of family heirlooms under the table to replenish as precious items disappear into the hands of strangers.

                                   This is what my face looks like in a group of people.


I gotta catch up, but I need to save my family’s stuff. I grab my luggage which I had set aside and it had changed into a telescoping bag that was 12 inches by 12 inches. You press a button and it grows up to be 4 feet tall and all of the clothes are piled on top of each other. I squash the top down as far as I can get it to go, lock the handle and run after my friends who were almost out of sight. I never catch up.

I get to the room we were assigned and there was LaDonna, her sister and her sister’s boyfriend (which is funny because her sister is married and that was NOT the guy in this dream). They were doing heroin.

In Real Life

*I woke up from this dream at 0400 and recorded my voice on my phone. I was more concerned about not being able to catch up than anything else in this dream, not the stuff, not the drugs, not the massive amount of people surrounding me, but the inability to catch up. I could hear my feelings in my voice, my priority was catching up.

*Everything for sale was all of the stuff I keep on my dresser and look at every morning and night

*I would never be a nurse, it takes a special kind of person to do that…. ew…. not me.

*I found 28 hits of heroin on the street the other day and threw it in the dumpster.  Don’t judge me…. it was close to a high school, kids don’t need that shit.

                        This is how I would look at the end of the day if that day were real

bewildered 2



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