When Someone Knocks Your Taco Out Of Your Hand…..


It is very hard to maintain that expected courtesy when someone abuses your stuff. What I think is the expected courtesy is to yell “WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT FOR!?!” Which would be the case unless small children were involved. In this dream, I was sitting at Taco Bell with 5 other adults and some bitch (someone I don’t even recognize) grabbed my taco out of my hand, ripped it in half and ate the meat out of it. What the fuck was that for?? I take a deep breath and look at her boyfriend (another person I don’t recognize) and he shakes his head. I look across the table at the stoner guy that was with us and he was chowing down on a waffle taco. I wonder if a waffle would be a good taco shell…. Maybe a frybread recipe cooked in a waffle iron…. mmmm I should try that. I’m pissed. I go back up to the counter, get another taco, go to the table and the bitch starts crying. She was crying because I was eating a taco! Tacos don’t have feelings woman! It’s not like it was fried baby squirrel tacos, the majority of the meat filling is TVP anyways!


I think this dream qualifies as a nightmare. You don’t mess with a hungry bitch’s taco unless it lives in her pants, and in that case you still wanna ask. In any case… ask.

You might get to eat my taco if you use your manners.



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