Why Always My Teeth?!?

**Please disregard my childish typing, it’s really early and I need to go to work soon. I will edit later. I am typing with my eyes closed and just flying by the seat of my panties**

I am at college. I am eating blueberries. A seed gets stuck in between my molars, so I get one of those moon shaped picks and try to get the seed out, instead my molar comes out. I tongue it, panic, and call the dentist. I have an appointment at 1pm and it is at the top of the building (am i at OHSU or The VA?). I grab my purse and lunch bag and head up the ramp to go into the door leading to the stairwell, its locked. I go around the building and find the elevators, they are crammed. I have PTSD and Generalized Anxiety Disorder (real life) and I can’t do busy elevators.

I panic more. I look for stairs again, but still locked. As I wait for the elevator to come back, another tooth falls out, I hold it in my hand hoping the dentist can put it back in or at least shape a false tooth like it. The Elevator arrives and I get in.

I arrive to the dental floor and check in. 20 minute wait. I decide to go down to the chow hall for a meal and wait in line. It is the 3rd Term party of the culinary department and the students chose the menu. Everything would break my teeth but lasagne (which in a tv show I heard Herpes referred to as lasagne on a guy’s mouth, this has to be why i dreamed about it **real life**). I get lasagne, take a bite and another tooth crumbles out, mostly one chunk but then slivers came with it. I decided to just go back to the office and wait. I get to the office and realize I left my Ugly Christmas Sweater from Rainy Day Games down on the bench outside of the building where all of this began. I am so upset because my husband and I share that sweater and we LOVE Rainy Day Games. Two more teeth come out. I check in at the dentist, 10 more minutes. I decide I can make it down to the sweater and back in time, I hurry down the long long hallways and finally get there, grab my sweater, put it on because at the point more and more teeth were coming out and I wanted to blend in, I was wearing some outrageous power clashing outfit that everyone looked at. More teeth came out, at this point, when I smiled you could see two top teeth and a couple bottom teeth. I try to position my tongue to make it less obvious that I was a toothless wonder, but it made me look like a creepy old lady who forgot her dentures. My tongue falls out. I rush back to the dental office with my hands full of teeth and realize that the dentist was on his lunch break because I came late. I woke up.

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