Dreams Of Stalkers & 3 Boobs

Forward: I had a friend from the age 12 to 21, we were inseparable and would spend multiple nights (sometimes weeks) in a row together. We were both only children, so we were like each other’s sister. In the spring of 2004 I left for the military and she left for an all girls school on the east coast. In 2005 I became pregnant with Liliana and my friend dropped out of college. She came to stay with us on base in Alaska for a while and then went on to do her own thing in town. At this point she became extremely weird, calling me and leaving crazy messages all day long on my answering machine (yes I had an answering machine, voice mail wasn’t cool enough yet). I worked twelve hour swing shifts, so I was never home to answer the phone (this was before I realized I needed a cell phone, that came later down the road in like 2006 when that baby was in day care) and obviously that bothered her very much. One message went like this “Fuck you, I don’t care when happens to you, your husband or your baby! Love you bye!”. They went like that for a while so I just avoided her until one day my mother advised that I tell her to leave me alone or I will call the police. She left me alone….. until she saw me in the mall one day…. Anyways, I thought you needed that bit of information. Now on to the dream.

I was in an airport getting ready to head home, my chihuahua Spike tucked away in my armpit, my rolling bag in my free arm’s hand. I was traveling with my old elementary friend [let’s call her] Suzanne. She is always a few steps ahead of me because this was her airport and I was in awe just looking at all the cool stores.

She disappears.

Spike wiggles out of my arm and runs off.

I drop my bag and run after my dog, I could hear him drinking something in a dark hallway that says “employees only”. For some reason I decided following the rules was more important that getting my dog, in real life I would plow through orange warning cones to get to him. (im such a rebel). Spike finally comes out, he doesn’t seem like he drank anti-freeze or anything, so I make note to just pay extra attention to his behavior. Spike and I find a break room for people waiting for their flights (like the USO, but not group specific) and I see my friend [let’s call him] Weston and he is hanging out, laying on an over sized ground hammock. I go over, lay next to him and we talk like two little kids at a sleep over. He had a baby on the way, due any second now. AND BAM! A 5 month old baby appears into his dad’s arms (no idea where his dad came into the scene, but this is a dream… who cares). I ask if I can hold it and Weston agrees. I love on the little baby (who happen to have Down Syndrome features. this is only significant because I care to know why I dreamed of a baby with undiagnosed DS). All of a sudden, I feel something on my chest, a mole appears. That’s not abnormal for me, I get moles all the time. I check it again, and it turned into a nipple! My left breast had grown a third nipple! I go to breast feed the baby and when I bring my shirt up, my left boob divided into two and now I had three fully functioning breasts! I look at Weston and say “IT WORKS!” and squirted at him. Then i go to feed the child from my new body part.

My flight is called overhead. I give the baby back to his father, grab Spike and head to the information desk. The representative couldn’t give me information because my name wasn’t in the system, my friend Suzanne had purchased two tickets under her name (I think that is old school methods to purchasing tickets) and I had lost her. I ask him for information on the next few PDX flights and he jots them down on a post it “C24 H E 6”. I ask him to tell me what it means and he gets so annoyed (I was in the USAF, I should know this shit, right?). I get what I need and run to the gates looking for Suzanne, I found her. She was PISSED at me and I really didn’t want to fly with her.

I woke up.

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